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Cake Tips…It’s what’s on the inside that counts! January 10, 2011

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Most brides are very concerned with the way there wedding cake will LOOK, and rightfully so! It’s the centerpiece of the reception, standing tall and elegant and making all your guests drool. The most important thing is that once its been cut, its still making them drool…so dear brides, keep in mind that when you go to your consultation, TASTE IS IMPORTANT!

Your wedding cake consultant will supply you with a few of the most popular wedding cake flavor choices, but be sure to ask questions and don’t be afraid to sample something else. If you love red velvet, ask for a slice! If your fiance is a peanut butter nut, notify the consultant when you make your appointment so that she’ll have some ready for you to try. The cake should taste just as great as it looks, never settle for boring.

Croissants Bakery’s Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mousse Filling

Happy Holidays! December 16, 2010

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If you are a Croissants regular, you know that around the holidays, we are a busy bunch! We bake, bake, bake and bake some more, just to so that you can pick up delicious treats at any time of the day. At Christmas time, we have pound cakes, cookie trays, brownies, and so much more for every sweet-eater in your life…but that’s not all!


This Christmas Eve, in addition to our regular menu, we will be offering a Dickens Christmas Eve menu. The menu is 3 courses for $35 and inludes traditional English faire.

We will also be having a New Years Eve menu! This menu requires reservations, so call 843.448.2253 to make yours soon. There are 2 seatings available, 6:00 and 8:30 PM. This menu is 5 courses for $65 and has many delicious choices! To view both menus in their entirety, visit the EVENTS page at

Happy Holidays!!


It’s so much more than turkey… November 23, 2010

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But we have turkey too! If you were to swing by Croissants at any hour of the night…10 pm, 1 am, 4 am…there would be someone locked inside baking their heart out. That’s what happens around here starting, well…this week! Chef Brad and the boys have been brining turkeys and making casseroles all day and night. Courtney, Heather, Kristen and Marcy are cracking eggs, mixing and baking until we are full to the brim with piesm breads, and other goodies.  Basically, if you want something for your holiday feast…we’ve got it!!  And as soon as Thanksgiving is over, it’s cookie time! Christmas for us means trays and trays of adorable cookies and gifts for everyone on your list. We’re working hard to make your life easier, so give us a call and see what we can do for you!  843.448.2253

Marcy hard at work!


How To Brine a Turkey November 18, 2010

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Want to brine your turkey like the pros? Chef Brad made a little instructional video for you with a recipe and everything. It’s simple and easy and will make your turkey melt in your mouth tasty for Thanksgiving day!

Don’t have time to brine a turkey? Or just don’t feel like it? That’s great! Let us do it for you! We are offering turkeys and all the fixn’s for pick up at Croissants Bistro and Bakery. Give us a call at 843.448.2253 for more information or email for an order form. We’ve got turkeys, herb dressing, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin cheesecakes, pecan pies, and so much more!!


Sweet Holidays November 4, 2010

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It’s officially the holiday season and in bakery land that means busy busy busy! Actually…it’s not only the bakery but the restaurant as well. For all you busy folks who don’t have time to cook huge elaborate meals while simultaneously baking pies, cookies and cakes for all your friends, here’s a list of what we can help you with this holiday season….

THANKSGIVING MEALS TO-GO: Turkeys and all the fixn’s fully prepared, ready for you to take home! (We won’t tell a soul that you didn’t make it!)

HOLIDAY PARTIES: Book your holiday party with us! On or off premise catering available.

COOKIE TRAYS AND GIFT BASKETS STARTING AT $15: Need treats for the office or a basket to impress the new neighbors? We’ve got it!

GIFTS AND BUBBLY FEAT. STUDIO 77: November 30th, 5:30-8 PM. FREE wine tasting and featured gifts from Myrtle Beach’s favorite boutique!

BREAKFAST WITH SANTA: December 11th and 18th, 2 sittings per day. $12.95 per guest includes breakfast buffet, visit with Santa, and gift for the little one. Make your reservations now!

Phew!!!…There will be more to come, but for now call 843.448.2253 for more information, reservations, and any questions!


Croissants is located on the corner of 38th ave. N and Robert Grissom Pkwy. in Myrtle Beach. Visit for more information.


Owl Moon October 7, 2010

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When you were a child, wasn’t there one book you just couldn’t get enough of? The pictures amazed you, the story was exciting, and every time you picked it up you got swept away.  There’s only a few things that really get a child excited and another is cake!! Last week we combined the two and this is what resulted…keep in mind this is not the book, this is cake!

Owl Moon

This book was created by covering the entire cake in fondant and painting! Our pastry chef is not only talented when it comes to cake, but she’s an amazing artist as well. Her painting skills come in handy when approached with cakes like this. She uses food coloring as paint and creates beautiful images like this. The gold seals were made separately to give it a more realistic look and the words where piped on in buttercream. Other than that, it’s a true painting!


Yankee Doodle Dandy! September 29, 2010

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We’ve blogged about grooms cakes before, but this one is special for all you dog lovers out there! ….and baseball lovers!  A few months ago, we were asked to do a grooms cake for a couple with an adorable dog, and a huge love of the Yankees. The bride and groom requested that their grooms cake represent both of their loves, so they came up with the idea of the dog wearing the jersey. The end result? See for yourself!