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Cake Tips 5…When does my cake get there? January 17, 2011

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I’m sure almost everyone has seen those episodes of Amazing Wedding Cakes or Cake Boss where the wedding cake is rolled out in the middle of the reception and everyone cheers…this is NOT how it happens.

Think about it: Do you want to run the risk of your 5 cake being sat on a table with wheels? Do you want bakers interrupting your party and stealing the focus? Do you want guests to look at your cake for only a few minutes before it is cut? Probably not.

Every bakery varies, but with Croissants Bistro and Bakery, your wedding cake will be delivered before your ceremony even starts. It will be sat in your air-conditioned venue, on your beautiful cake table, and we will work with your florist or planner to put the final touches on the cake. This includes things like real flowers, toppers, and table decorations. Then, when you arrive at your reception, your beautiful cake is there waiting for you. Your guests get to ooh and aah over it for a while before its time to cut in and enjoy! Stress free delivery; that’s what we do!

Wedding cakes that were delivered in the past year…


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