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Owl Moon October 7, 2010

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When you were a child, wasn’t there one book you just couldn’t get enough of? The pictures amazed you, the story was exciting, and every time you picked it up you got swept away.  There’s only a few things that really get a child excited and another is cake!! Last week we combined the two and this is what resulted…keep in mind this is not the book, this is cake!

Owl Moon

This book was created by covering the entire cake in fondant and painting! Our pastry chef is not only talented when it comes to cake, but she’s an amazing artist as well. Her painting skills come in handy when approached with cakes like this. She uses food coloring as paint and creates beautiful images like this. The gold seals were made separately to give it a more realistic look and the words where piped on in buttercream. Other than that, it’s a true painting!


One Response to “Owl Moon”

  1. John Rigby Says:

    Awesome cake! Such talent and imagination.

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