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Gothic Groom’s Cake! September 14, 2010

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When I sat down to meet with this adorable couple, they expressed to me that their wedding would be a bit different. They wanted a traditional cake with a touch of darkness, so they chose an elegant design with black and red accents…but as beautiful as that was, the real surprise was the groom’s cake.


The groom looked at me dead seriously and said, “I want a skull.” We all had a good laugh and then he said, “but seriously…”.  I was so excited! I knew we could do it and I was excited to bring the challenge back to the bakery girls. Over the weekend, it came “to life”…

 Below you can see the process. Courtney made the jaw piece first, then the face portion of the skull. The cake was the inside and the back portion of the skull and then the other parts got pieced together on top of it. Ta da!



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