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My My My Poker Cake… August 9, 2010

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No, this has nothing to do with Lady GaGa, but this Poker Chip cake is too cool to keep to ourselves! This was a groom’s cake we did over the weekend for a groom who looooves…you guessed it, POKER!

Poker Cake

 The bride brought the idea to us, she had seen a similar cake but thought it would be cooler if the chips were a little off-set so it looked more natural and unbalanced. The “chips” were 6″ round cakes that were each dirty iced and then covered in colored fondant. Then, they were each given white fondant stripes to complete the poker chip look. Once the individual chips were completed, they were stacked and a dowel rod was inserted into the center to keep them upright. (a slightly nerve-wracking experience from what I’m told!) The bride chose the writing and we think it is most appropriate…”ALL-IN!”



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