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A Cake All His Own August 6, 2010

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As you saw from the “Steak Cake” I posted earlier this week, groom’s cakes are truly one of a kind. We’ve done football helmets and even skulls, but this one required some serious art work…Pastry Chef to the rescue!

Belvedere Cake

The bride wanted to surprise her groom with a one of a kind cake shaped like his favorite beverage..Belvedere! Sounds simple right? Not so much.  If you’ve ever seen a bottle of Belvedere, there is a beautiful picture of a large estate with wintery trees surrounding it.  Pastry Chef Courtney Sparks made the entire bottle and then began work on the house. She cut the house from a separate piece of fondant and used edible silver paint to create the beautiful work you see above. Then, after it was laid on, she created the tall wintery trees with the same silver edible paint. Then, to complete the frosty look, she pearlized the whole cake. This is a technique that uses an airbrush tool to coat the entire cake with a pearl-like glow.  A truly spectacular addition to any work of pastry art!

Belvedere 2

So remember, on your big day, don’t forget a cake for him. Take the time to think about his interests and we can help you come up with something that is truly one of a kind. Because let’s be honest, he’ll care much more about that than the 4 tier flowery cake you adore so much. Every groom deserves a unique and delicious cake just for him!


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