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Steak and Cake! August 4, 2010

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We haven’t done a post about the bakery in a while and this one is definitely worth the attention! While going through the photos on our bakery cam, I came across this photo…

Steak Cake

At first glance, I wondered why our vegan pastry chef was taking photos of steak…then I remembered! This was a groom’s cake for a meat loving guy that we did a couple of months ago. His family surprised him with it at the rehearsal dinner. 

The “Steak” was covered in fondant, then cross-hatched with a decorating tool. This is a technique usually used on wedding cakes to create a quilted affect, but on the steak, it looks like grill marks! The cake was then airbrushed to add dimension and the t-bone was carved from fondant and applied last.

Tbone or Ribeye? I’m not sure but I am sure that the groom was probably very surprised when this big manly cake rolled into the dining room! And, if my memory serves me right, the inside of the cake was red velvet…how’s that for rare?!


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