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Back to School Made Simple! August 30, 2010

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As I am sure you are well aware of, it’s back to school time! Here at Croissants, we were trying to figure out a way to make the transition a little smoother for all you busy parents and worn-out kids, so we decided casseroles would do the trick! There is nothing more annoying than working all day long then rushing to pick your kids up late from their activities, only to arrive home and realize you have nothing to eat for dinner.

This is where we come in! Call Croissants Bistro and Bakery to order one of our delicious homemade casseroles, bring it home hot or reheat it later…or even freeze and reheat a week from now! Each of our casseroles serve 8 people and cost $25 each.  You have 4 yummy choices…

Shell Pasta with Bolognaise Sauce, Mac n’ Cheese, Baked Chicken and Spinach Alfredo, or Chicken Broccoli and Cheddar.  Call 843.448.2253 to place your order today, please place casserole orders 24 hrs in advance, or if you need something right away, order any of our homemade salads (chicken, tuna, pasta, brocolli, potato, fruit) by the pound!

Don’t forget a few croissants and something sweet for dessert! Cakes available whole or by the slice, so everyone can get their favorite!


Fat-Off Makes the News! August 19, 2010

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For those of you who have been following the “Fat-Off 2010”, Will and Brad have done it again! The guys made the news again this week by helping others while helping themselves…

As you can see in the video, Brad and Will will be competing during “Give Back Week” to see who can pick up the most trash from a 2 mile stretch of beach by the new Myrtle Beach boardwalk. Not only will they be cleaning up our beautiful beaches, but they will be walking all week which will help them reach their weight loss goals.

Want to help? Meet Brad and Will at the beach in front of the boardwalk at 8 am tomorrow (Friday) morning and sweep the beach along side these two!


A new spin on “traditional” August 13, 2010

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Today’s blog is a short one, I just wanted to share two scrumptious cakes from last weekend. Both beautiful wedding cakes, both unique and delicious! The first matched the bride’s invitations…and the second, well the second is just makes you want to sink your teeth in!!  Enjoy! 🙂


My My My Poker Cake… August 9, 2010

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No, this has nothing to do with Lady GaGa, but this Poker Chip cake is too cool to keep to ourselves! This was a groom’s cake we did over the weekend for a groom who looooves…you guessed it, POKER!

Poker Cake

 The bride brought the idea to us, she had seen a similar cake but thought it would be cooler if the chips were a little off-set so it looked more natural and unbalanced. The “chips” were 6″ round cakes that were each dirty iced and then covered in colored fondant. Then, they were each given white fondant stripes to complete the poker chip look. Once the individual chips were completed, they were stacked and a dowel rod was inserted into the center to keep them upright. (a slightly nerve-wracking experience from what I’m told!) The bride chose the writing and we think it is most appropriate…”ALL-IN!”



A Cake All His Own August 6, 2010

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As you saw from the “Steak Cake” I posted earlier this week, groom’s cakes are truly one of a kind. We’ve done football helmets and even skulls, but this one required some serious art work…Pastry Chef to the rescue!

Belvedere Cake

The bride wanted to surprise her groom with a one of a kind cake shaped like his favorite beverage..Belvedere! Sounds simple right? Not so much.  If you’ve ever seen a bottle of Belvedere, there is a beautiful picture of a large estate with wintery trees surrounding it.  Pastry Chef Courtney Sparks made the entire bottle and then began work on the house. She cut the house from a separate piece of fondant and used edible silver paint to create the beautiful work you see above. Then, after it was laid on, she created the tall wintery trees with the same silver edible paint. Then, to complete the frosty look, she pearlized the whole cake. This is a technique that uses an airbrush tool to coat the entire cake with a pearl-like glow.  A truly spectacular addition to any work of pastry art!

Belvedere 2

So remember, on your big day, don’t forget a cake for him. Take the time to think about his interests and we can help you come up with something that is truly one of a kind. Because let’s be honest, he’ll care much more about that than the 4 tier flowery cake you adore so much. Every groom deserves a unique and delicious cake just for him!


Steak and Cake! August 4, 2010

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We haven’t done a post about the bakery in a while and this one is definitely worth the attention! While going through the photos on our bakery cam, I came across this photo…

Steak Cake

At first glance, I wondered why our vegan pastry chef was taking photos of steak…then I remembered! This was a groom’s cake for a meat loving guy that we did a couple of months ago. His family surprised him with it at the rehearsal dinner. 

The “Steak” was covered in fondant, then cross-hatched with a decorating tool. This is a technique usually used on wedding cakes to create a quilted affect, but on the steak, it looks like grill marks! The cake was then airbrushed to add dimension and the t-bone was carved from fondant and applied last.

Tbone or Ribeye? I’m not sure but I am sure that the groom was probably very surprised when this big manly cake rolled into the dining room! And, if my memory serves me right, the inside of the cake was red velvet…how’s that for rare?!