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Hangin’ 10 Cake! July 28, 2010

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Some weeks at Croissants it feels like all we do are sheet cakes, 9″ rounds…vanilla vanilla vanilla. And don’t get us wrong, we still enjoy every minute of it! But then there are days when we get a request that makes us say “YES!!!” Challenging requests that make us think outside the box and really use our creative brains to come up with a one of a kind cake that will make someone’s day truly memorable. 

These are the kind of cakes that bring everyone together, not only at the party where they take center stage, but in the back of the bakery while everyone gathers around the decorating table.  We ooh and aah in delight as cake becomes sculpture and sugar becomes art. 

This “Hangin’ 10 Cake” was definitely one of the cakes that brought us together and had everyone talking.  We can only hope that it had the same effect on the party goers…HAPPY 13th NOAH!!!

Happy 13th Noah!


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