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Our savory side… July 30, 2010

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Everyone knows that Croissants is there for you on your wedding day to provide a stunning and delicious cake, but not everyone knows our savory side…

15 years ago, Croissants Bakery and Cafe (as we were previously known) was a place where you could find delectable sweets and a killer sandwich.  Nowadays, this still rings true but you will find much more than just amazing chicken salad behind these kitchen doors.  Croissants Bistro and Bakery began catering as a way to help our friends when they couldn’t find the time to make it to their kitchen. From memorials, baby showers and bridal brunches, Croissants has since moved into the crazy world of black tie affairs and one of a kind wedding receptions.

Kobe Sliders

It is  a world where the menu must not only be delicious, it must be original and eye-catching…wait, make that jaw-dropping! 2010 brides know what they want and they want it done right; and why shouldn’t it be? With all of the mass media that surrounds the wedding industry these days, brides can’t help but learn exactly what they are getting into before they even say, “I will”.

Mini Crab Cakes

We here at Croissants have always taken pride in our catering services but recently, we can’t help but brag…on our new Chef that is. When Executive Chef Bradley Daniels arrived at Croissants, he was told the catering menu needed freshening.  Not long after, we were presented with a list of truly original and scrumptious hors d’oeuvres, dinners, and dining options. This new menu has taken us to another level and magnificently shows off our savory side!  So remember, whether it’s morning, noon, or night, Croissants has you covered!

To view our catering menu, visit or call 843.448.2253 to schedule a tasting.

Beef Tenderloin Forks

2010 Fat-Off Challenge! July 29, 2010

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For those of you who are familiar with Croissants, you may recognize these two fellas…

Chef Brad and Will Gravely

The handsome stud in the apron is Executive Chef, Bradley Daniels and the wine-toting charmer on the right is General Manager, Will Gravely. Both great guys and assets to the Croissants staff, they decided that to help themselves while also entertaining us all, they should go head to head in a weight loss competition.  So, they created the “2010 Fat-Off Challenge”!

For the next 18 weeks, the boys will compete in weekly challenges as well as weigh in every Monday and keep a food and health journal.  This week’s challenge? Well, its “Work Out Week” so the guys must work out a minimum of 4 days each this week. And since they are both here at the restaurant most of the day, that should definitely be a challenge!!

At the end of the 18 weeks, after a number of health tests and weight measurements, one man will be declared the winner. Stay posted for weekly “Healthy Option” menu items at Croissants and new updates on Brad and Will’s progress.  Now you must decide…

Are you “Team Brad” or “Team Will” ??


Hangin’ 10 Cake! July 28, 2010

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Some weeks at Croissants it feels like all we do are sheet cakes, 9″ rounds…vanilla vanilla vanilla. And don’t get us wrong, we still enjoy every minute of it! But then there are days when we get a request that makes us say “YES!!!” Challenging requests that make us think outside the box and really use our creative brains to come up with a one of a kind cake that will make someone’s day truly memorable. 

These are the kind of cakes that bring everyone together, not only at the party where they take center stage, but in the back of the bakery while everyone gathers around the decorating table.  We ooh and aah in delight as cake becomes sculpture and sugar becomes art. 

This “Hangin’ 10 Cake” was definitely one of the cakes that brought us together and had everyone talking.  We can only hope that it had the same effect on the party goers…HAPPY 13th NOAH!!!

Happy 13th Noah!