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Wedding Cake Stenciling 101 December 3, 2012

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After the 3 tiers of Mary Beth’s cake have been covered in fondant; Jen centers stencil on cake before icing.



Jen carefully begins applying royal icing.

Royal Icing:  3 Tablespoons meringue powder, 4 cups confectioners sugar, and 6 tablespoons of warm water.

Beat all ingredients until icing forms stiff peaks.



The stencil is then quickly removed to avoid smudging the icing.



This process is repeated on each side of the cake.


Lastly, the centers are added using the same stenciling process.Image



The finished product. The stenciled tier gets added on top of another quilted tier.



Voila! Finished wedding cake!



Did you know, December is the most romantic month for weddings? December 1, 2012

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Holiday Recipes November 28, 2012

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Holiday Recipes

One of Chef Bradley Daniels dishes off our new Winter menu!


Cake Tips 5…When does my cake get there? January 17, 2011

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I’m sure almost everyone has seen those episodes of Amazing Wedding Cakes or Cake Boss where the wedding cake is rolled out in the middle of the reception and everyone cheers…this is NOT how it happens.

Think about it: Do you want to run the risk of your 5 cake being sat on a table with wheels? Do you want bakers interrupting your party and stealing the focus? Do you want guests to look at your cake for only a few minutes before it is cut? Probably not.

Every bakery varies, but with Croissants Bistro and Bakery, your wedding cake will be delivered before your ceremony even starts. It will be sat in your air-conditioned venue, on your beautiful cake table, and we will work with your florist or planner to put the final touches on the cake. This includes things like real flowers, toppers, and table decorations. Then, when you arrive at your reception, your beautiful cake is there waiting for you. Your guests get to ooh and aah over it for a while before its time to cut in and enjoy! Stress free delivery; that’s what we do!

Wedding cakes that were delivered in the past year…


Cake Tips 4…is delivery a must? January 14, 2011

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After you’ve chosen your dream wedding cake, you have to make an important choice. How is the cake getting to the reception? This brings up our next topic: Is delivery a must?

A good answer for this is: Most of the time.

Think about it this way: You are spending a good deal of money on something that is very delicate, and possibly very large (and heavy). It has to be kept cool, it can’t be touched, and it has to be driven (sometimes for up to an hour!) Leave it up to the people who do it every day. People are tended to save a few dollars by having a member of the wedding party pick up the cake, but this can lead to more wedding day stress and let’s face it, you don’t need that.

The only time delivery can be skipped is if the cake is small and simple. If you are having an intimate reception at a restaurant with 10 family members and you have a small two tier cake, pick up is an option. If you have a flat area in your car or SUV and are a careful driver, go for it! If not, we are here to help!

These wedding cakes are a few examples of reasons why delivery makes your life easier…

Large 5 tier cake with fondant decorations3 tier cake with fondant decorations and poker chips!


Cake Tips 3..Fonda-what? January 13, 2011

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Now that you’ve made it to the tasting and you’re enjoying some delicious samples, one word may come up in conversation that you’re not familiar with..FONDANT! You may have heard it on “Cake Boss” and think every cake has to have it, or your mother may have told you its nasty tasting and you definitely don’t want it. There are positives and negatives, and in the end your cake consultant will tell you whether or not it’s necessary. Here’s some facts about this sticky stuff…

Fondant, noun-(Fan-dent): An icing made out of gelatin, confectioners sugar and water. A very smooth and malleable icing that dries hard. Not for the amateur, this icing isn’t put on with a knife, but rather rolled to a uniform thickness and then laid over the cake. It can also be used for detail work such as making intricate flowers. A fondant-covered cake can be spotted by its rounded edges.

Fondant is basically play-dough icing. If it’s covering a cake, you can be guaranteed that the cake will be super smooth, almost flawless. It can be sculpted to make leaves, flowers, draping, branches, figurines, and SO much more. About the taste…a few years ago, your mom would have been right on the money. Fondant WAS nasty. It’s getting better with age and while not as sweet and creamy as buttercream, there will always be buttercream under the fondant so don’t let the taste stop you.

These cakes were made with fondant elements…what do you think?

Covered in fondant, fondant waves

Covored in fondant and fondant decorations. Buttercream cake, fondant ribbons on each tier.Covered in fondant, fondant drapes.

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Cake Tips2…What do I bring?? January 12, 2011

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When going to your first cake tasting and consultation, it helps to BE PREPARED. Being prepared will make your choices easier and the whole process a lot more fun! How can you prepare yourself?

1. Have an idea of your “theme”…We know, not every wedding has an exact theme, but know what you like. The easiest way to do this?…

2. Go online! Hit up helpful websites like,, (and of course and a million more that have thousands of wedding cake photos from all around the world. This will help you realize what’s out there andmake it easier to pinpoint your specific taste in design.

3. Narrow it down. Grab 5 or so cake photos that encompass some styles you like and PRINT THEM OUT. If you find 20 photos you like, take the time to figure out what it is about these cakes that is drawing you in and narrow it down to a few pics that represent those ideas. Bring these photos with you to your consultation and the wedding cake process will be FUN AND EASY!

These photos are just a few representations of brides who came prepared and ended up with FABULOUS results!

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